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International, Grammy Award winning superstar Sean Paul has moved full speed ahead alongside Director Gareth Cobran of Image Development Studios to produce "The Heist," a cinematic short featuring Beenie Man, Ding Dong, Elephant Man, Future Fambo, and Mink Jo on the Full Speed Riddim.

The Full Speed Riddim medley video premiered on YouTube on Friday, September 18 at 12:00noon EST. Sean Paul has been sharing bits of the video on his official facebook page. In this movie style music video, "each track is a scene in the heist and each artiste plays a different role.  Mink Jo plays the lookout; Ding Dong is the getaway driver and wild card; Elephant Man and Future Fambo are the crew on the job and the mastermind is played by none other than Beenie Man," according to Cobran.

 Elephant Man, one of "The Heist" specialists, describes the video's most standout elements to be the creativity and professionalism of the production crew. "The production crew did their best. I like the script, I like the ideas. This video is going to be one of dancehall's best in a long time, do not be surprised if this video crosses over because it has the potential, it has the work ethic behind it and the song dem crazy. The video looks like one of them big international record company was there and everybody was putting out the effort to try to keep our music on top of the scale," said Elephant Man. The artiste also stressed the point that the industry needs more collaborations of this nature. "We as artistes need to find the time and we need to put the energy in the dancehall because this is what made it, unification and teamwork," the artiste explained.

The 'Energy God' who has worked with Sean Paul on previous projects is elated by the role played by himself and Future Fambo in the Full Speed Riddim medley video. "The other artiste's parts are crazy but when it reach our part and me and Fambo in gloves and in the vault, trust me man, sick! The vault sick! The vault tun up! The whole video mad, I love the entire video, I love the scenes and the energy behind it. That is one of the most important things, the energy. Not because me name Energy God but the energy has a lot to do with success," stressed Elephant Man. Additionally, the artiste was happy to see the entire crew representing for Sean Paul on set and urges fans to look out for a number of hits songs from him in December leading into 2016. 

On the heels of the release of this music video, Sean Paul is pressing ahead to the studio to record new music. The artiste has recently completed his tours of Japan and Germany as well as appearances at Notting Hill Carnival and New York Caribbean Carnival. In addition to exploring his new passion for producing, the Take It Low singer has some new singles including Ganja Man (Classic Man Remix), Ganja Mi Smoke (Chimney Records), High Yes (ZJ Liquid), Buil (DJ Nicco), Living The Dream (Truck Back Records), Never Give Up (Justus Productions) and a host of others.

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