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Kingston’s premier Hip Hop event, Pay Attention, returns with its first staging for the New Year on Saturday, January 25, inside Club Indulge at South Beach Caf. The Rush, K. John, Five Steez and Kabaka Pyramid are to perform while music will be provided by Fatalic, Deadline and resident DJ, Inztinkz.

“This is a significant line-up we have here,” says Pay Attention’s Public Relations Manager, Raquel Allen. “All of these acts have made very tangible contributions to the local Hip Hop scene.”

The Rush is a member of the group, Sons of Liberty (SOL), which has represented on the Pay Attention stage, as well as other musical events, consistently for 2013. This will be his first solo performance and he is also expected to release new music in February.

K. John is one of the founders of Gambling House Recording Studio – the Mecca of Jamaican Hip Hop – which has provided a space for more than a hundred rappers over a decade. Pay Attention began from conversation at his studio and would not exist without his influence.

Five Steez is part of the official Pay Attention committee and last appeared in August. He is known for his 2012 debut album, ‘War for Peace’, and will be releasing a new EP in 2014, titled ‘These Kingston Times’.

Kabaka Pyramid, known for his ‘Rebel Music’ and ‘Lead the Way’ EPs, has touched the Pay Attention stage before, but this time, he will be performing his own set, bringing his own Reggae/Hip Hop fusion.   

“These guys are all leaders in the Jamaican Hip Hop community,” says The Sickest Drama (TSD), local rapper and Pay Attention host. “K. John laid a foundation. Five Steez provided a blueprint. Kabaka Pyramid showed us how far we can take it, and SOL is the new generation.”

Gates open at 9 p.m. and showtime is 10:30 p.m. Admission is $600 and ladies are 2-for-1 until showtime.

Follow @PayAttentionJA on Twitter and visit http://www.facebook.com/payattentionja for more information and regular updates.

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