Etana readies fourth album; 'I Rise' Image

by Biko Kennedy

Slated to be released in October, chanteuse Etana is ready to Rise once again with her latest project that promises to be a masterpiece from beginning to end.

She released the first single for the album 'TRIGGER' earlier in the year, and has received rave reviews and airplay on some of the top radio shows across the world. The song depicts the harsh conditions of a young man who has been rendered jobless due to deplorable economic conditions, back against the wall as his mother suffers from Cancer, he turns to the dark side of society. The song is based on a true Jamaican story and social issue of unemployment and lack of opportunities that continues to plague many countries.

1. Selassie is the Chapel
2. How Long
3. On My Way
4. Stepping Out Of Babylon
5. Jamaica Woman
6. I Rise
7. Richest Girl
8. Love Song
9. By Your Side
10. Passing Thru
11. Trigger
12. Ward 21 (Stenna’s Song)
13. Emancipation
14. Jam Credits

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