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With heavy baselines, one drops, psychedelic guitar riffs, echoing keyboards, popping percussion and conscious lyrics, it is definitely hard to forget the sound of the band Dubtonic kru. 

Though not consistently on local soil, band leader Jubba White declares that the band has not lost their edge or authenticity and proudly shared that their form of music has been and continues to be influenced by other genres, which stays true to this day, our nation's motto also reflects the same, "out of many one people".

Four years after winning the world battle of the bands, Jubba acknowledges the exposure the win afforded them since 2010 but laments that they are still awaiting the promised benefits that the organizers committed to including artist development at the value of $100,000 U.S.D inclusive of an EP of which only two songs were done. There was also the promise of a tour which has still not materialized. 

The journey continues for Dubtonic Kru despite this disappointment and they keep on making music that rocks with their current single for lovers called "Tonight" with Chantelle Ernandez which Jubba describes as “a hot piece that will prompt lovers to put their "No disturb" sign on their door handles and call it a night”.  The other single continues their rebellious social commentary chant entitled "Hold on still", a cut from the Tantrum riddim. 

Their summer tour 2014 kicks off at the 29th staging of Summerjam in Cologne, Germany.

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