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by Biko Kennedy

Packing over 30 years of pelting out sweet melodies to the masses - with unending hit singles and album stringing along the way - Freddie McGregor releases yet another album dubbed Di Captain.

In commemoration of Jamaica 50th celebrations, the album serves as a cover-song album of hits throughout the years.

Album: Di Captain
Artiste: Freddie McGregor
Label: VP Records
Genre: Reggae
Release Date: January 29, 2013

About the Album: After four years in the making, 'Di Captain' finally sets sail on January 29, 2013. Standing as one of the few first-generation reggae singers, McGregor has blazed through virtually all eras of Jamaican music; stemming from Ska and Rock Steady to early and modern day Reggae. "These songs were very specially chosen," intimates McGregor. "We took the greatest pains in making sure these would be classic songs that will last for a long time. I chose songs like 'Equal Rights' because I love the message and because the youth need to hear it. We made a special effort to keep it as grass-roots as we can," he continued.

The album which features great musician - from bass-and-drum duos of Mafia and Fluxy and Steely and Clevie to session aces like saxophonist Dean Fraser and keyboardist Carlton "Bubblers" Ogilvie – plays cohesively to any fan of McGregor's arsenal of hits.

Comments: The album rotates true to the roots of authentic Reggae-laced productions. Opening with the 2011 released track 'Move Up Jamaica', the single presents itself as the perfect appetizer with an inspirational-festive-fuelled message.

Fans would be familiar with the remake of The Beatles' 1965 released track 'You Won't See Me', the 1976 hit 'Africa' from the The Mighty Diamonds, the soulful rebel chants of Bob Marley's 'Rainbow Country', the 1979 Jackie Mittoo/Jon Williams piano-laced Clement 'Coxone' Dodd produced Bobby Babylon (now 'Standing Strong' featuring Gappy Ranks), L.T.D's 1976 'Love Ballad' and The Heptones' 'Equal Rights'. But the album's strength lies in the originally composed singles.

Echoing thoughts of unity on 'More love in the Ghetto' and confessing his beliefs on the romantic-flavoured 'Love I believe in', the album sways steadily with these singles.

The opus spins as a strong offering to be added to your personal favourites. It's not preacher or forced but appears as a great tribute to music's pass hits for everyone to reminisce with.

Intro: Jenny Jenny
Move Up Jamaica*
You Won't See Me
Bag A Hype
More Love In The Ghetto*
Love I Believe In*
Rainbow Country
Standing Strong featuring Gappy Ranks
Love Ballad
There You Go
My Story
Let It Be Me featuring Etana
Jah Love Di Whole A Wi
A House Is Not A Home
Equal Rights

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