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by Jordan Delahaye

It was evident on Tuesday night, June 17th, that Raging Fyah is beginning a new adventure in its musical epic. The band’s album launch at the Triple Century Sports Bar in New Kingston called out a squad of its rebels to celebrate Destiny.

Destiny is RF’s crowning follow-up to the debut success, Judgment Day. The band members and audience alike revelled in a performance that heralded the album’s official release on July 17th.

The diverse turnout was a blend of old fans and new from various countries and contrasting walks of life. RF’’s career seems to be viewing a wider fanbase and the band’s catchall appeal is bound to catapult them into an even larger global stadium. If the short concert hosted by the group revealed anything, it is that RF is primed for the leap.

If the band is the lion on the album cover then Kumar Bent is its roar. The other band members, and often the audience, contribute to the groups vocal performance but it is Bent’s voice that drives the overall sound.

RF performed a mixed set of songs from both of their albums which included crowd favourites like “Judgement Day”, “Nah Look Back”, “Irie Vibe” and “Far Away”. The venue resonated in chorus as fans chanted lyrics like: “On judgment day i’ll be playing music for the rebels…”, in tune with the band as it delivered a heartfelt rendition of the debut album’s title track.

The band played like a tight unit and each member channelled soul into his element. Bassist Delroy Hamilton, flanked Bent on the left and supported the act with an intensity that radiated while he plucked away at the strings and sang backup.

Anthony Watson also dealt some fervent blows to the drums and carried the heartbeat of the performance. Demar Gayle stroked the keys with finesse but had some help as the band brought on a supporting keyboardist and percussionist. The band’s lead guitarist, Courtland White, added some edge to the reggae concert with solos and riffs that seemed to electrify the atmosphere and the audience.

RF had copies of the album on sale at the launch but already fans seemed familiar with some of its content. “First Love” has already been released as a single and was a crowd favourite along with “Brave” which was requested as the encore for the night.

“Destiny isn’t limited by one specific belief system or set of influences. The band embraced the concept of "universal love"...[while] pulling inspiration from people and cultures from across the world,” The RF camp told JAmusic.

Other musicians featured on the album include Sherieta Lewis, Shenae Wright and Christopher Smith who sing background harmonies on “Africa” - one of the many highlights of the album.

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