Deliman looks to the future ‘Still Blazing’ Image

by Biko Kennedy

Positioning himself as one of Austria’s best and most ambitious Reggae artists, Deliman’s latest EP Still Blazing captures the essence of authentic Reggae persona while hinting at Hip Hop productions.

After the release of his debut-album Unconquerable in 2011 and a few single-releases with international producers, he’s now back with his brand new EP aptly called Still Blazing.

Released on Friday, January 10th, 2014, the five-track EP was produced by the young Hip Hop Producer, Beatmaker and DJ „Phil Chronics“ in collaboration with another Beatmaker and DJ Chiko, the Reggae Backing-Band Fireman Crew and Union World Music.

Check out the megamix of the EP below along with a making of video Mini-Documentary below:


  1. Still Blazing
  2. Mary Jane
  3. Kill Another Sound
  4. Living In Fear
  5. Here We Go Again

Album Title: Still Blazing
Produced by: Phil Chronics/Chiko/FMC
Release: 10.01.2014
Cat. - No.: UWM004
Label: Union World Music
Distribution: bandcamp (free download)
Format: digital
Genre: Reggae

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