Damian Marley joins Cham to become the ultimate 'Fighter' Image

by Biko Kennedy

Fresh off the release of the impactful single 'Riot' with Sean Paul, Damian Marley teams up with Cham to deliver yet another rebellious track.

Fighter spins as a Dave Kelly produced single - the first Cham/Kelly collaboration in 3 years - with a grimy, dub-step backdrop but very much holds true to Reggae's captivating basslines and Dancehall's never ending energy. 

The Gongzilla chants "Like a beacon on the mountain, shining through like the rising sun/ so shall it be for the faithful the ones who never stop till the work is done/ we grind 'cause the system does not favour the common man/ but we shall reap the riches, plentiful like the grains of sand" while Cham paints a vivid image of the struggles of the average person trying to make ends meet on a daily basis on his verses

Check out the single below:

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