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by Biko Kennedy

Music has a tendency to shift its sound and appeal as the decades pass with many artistes instinctively adopting their sound to remain popular/ relevant amongst the masses. Then there are artistes who don't conform to normality and opt to be different.

With all radio jugglings and televised interviews tossed aside, Reggae and Dancehall goes far beyond what's considered 'mainstream' music we hear on a daily basis. In every imaginable corner there are entertainers hewing exceptional singles with oddly unique styles that may never see inconceivable success but every-so-often there's one that surfaces and can't be denied its praises. These 'underground' artistes have always been an organic force that has been around for eons.

One such 'underground' artiste is none other than the fast-rising-entertainer Chronixx.

Let's define underground first: un·der·ground - Beneath the surface of the ground not open, published or produced by political or social radicals or nonconformists: avant-garde; hidden or in secret; A group or movement organized secretly to work against an existing regime.

In other words, something special creating waves like no one else.

Chronixx's rapid ascendance demonstrates how drastically the approach to disseminate music and building a fanbase has changed since the first decade of the 21st century. The tsunami-like change has been so dramatic that it's easy to forget it was 10 years ago that Sean Paul garnered major success with his single 'Gimme the Light' or Tanya Stephens gave us her 'Gangsta Blues'.

Chronixx has clearly figured out the end-user experience and a way to build a savvy, pacesetting audience from the ground up; an audience that will spread his 'gospel' via social medium platforms. But his focus certainly isn't commercial/ mainstream success but rather just sharing a good message.

In any interview he's quick to let you know that "We will definitely not see a next Peter Tosh or Bob Marley or Dennis Brown again but time has its way of reintroducing people in different ways. The media place a lot of dedication into presenting the bad things happening in the music… they should really take the time out to present what is good and not just the hype things that are only here for five minutes."

And it's with this mind-set that has led Chronixx to be looked upon as the Peace Ambassador to Kenya for the upcoming general elections in the country.

Based on a statement released from the entertainer's camp Chronixx is asking for a violence-free general election to be held on March 4th.

"We are going to bring righteousness to the people of Nairobi, Kenya, and hope that this general election will be violence-free. The trip is a short one but we are going to try and make the most of it and inspire our Kenyan brothers and sisters."

While busy 'saving the day', Chronixx is still releasing great singles that are undoubtedly destined for greatness. The most recent being Selassie Souljahz featuring Sizzla, Kabaka Pyramid and Protoje, Smile Jamaica and Most I just to name a few.

As Chronixx humbled persona will say: "We will definitely not see a next Peter Tosh or Bob Marley or Dennis Brown again but they will get a Peter Tosh energy or a Bob Marley vibe," do you think he's slowly etching his name amongst the greats with only time to tell us what we already see?

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