Chronixx talks potential of Reggae having successfully wowed fans globally Image

by Biko Kennedy

From the US to Europe to the Caribbean, Chronixx has been earning critical acclaims ever since the spotlight has been turned his way. And with what many may see as a never ending momentum, the 'Trouble' singjay has no intention of letting go of his dream of spreading the messages of Reggae that his forefathers had left behind.

With his recently released video for 'Here comes Trouble' creating wave on varying video charts (see above), the young artiste has his eyes on a larger prize.

Speaking on Winford Williams' OnStage, the entertainer spoke in depth on his most recent success moments internationally, yearning to highlight the first major tour in Jamaica and the future Reggae artistes such as himself sees for the genre.

"Life is a warfare, life is a struggle and we have to first equip ourselves in our minds and be ready [for anything]…anybody that tells you that life is easy is not living," Chronixx admits before outlining his blessing of continued success during 2013 thus far. "It's a great way to start, you know – starting on the right foot, and it just creates good prospect and good hope for what is to come…Jah is just showing us that it's up to us now to continue the mission [while he continues to bless us]."

"For me it was just a great revelation and it really shows you the potential of the music that we are making in Jamaica right now as youths and it just shows how far all of us can go," Chronixx explains having performed on BBC 1Xtra Live as the only unsigned artiste.

Check out his full-length interview below:

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