Chronixx meets Inner Circle/ Jacob Miller in 'Tenement Yard' Image

by Biko Kennedy

It’s been 40 years since the Jacob Miller-led single 'Tenement Yard' captivated Reggae lovers - rightfully etching Inner Circle amongst the greatest Reggae bands - and whom better to recreate this magic that with rising Reggae star Chronixx.

With his ever gregarious and humour-riddled persona, Jacob 'Killer' Miller's short-lived prolific career paints a picture of a man who'd easily capture the attention of the most ardent Reggae defiant as he chanted and touched on varying Rasta-infused issues.

Known for his signature vibrato style, later influencing singers such as Dennis Brown and George Nooks, Jacob Miller stood at the helm of Reggae's booming era of the 1970's leaving behind hits including Tenement Yard, Tired Fe Lick Weed In a Bush and Everything Great.

Below is a 2015-update to a classic you're sure to love!

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