Chronixx carries 'Trouble' to Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show Image

by Biko Kennedy

"Reggae was never dead nor dying," echoed Chronixx' persona as he carried the banner of Jamaican music on his back to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

"Executing Selassie I work" while "waving the banner red, green and gold," Chronixx, alongside his Zinc Fence Redemption Band, made his debut performance on American television screens on July 22nd as he brought his Dread and Terrible Project to life; signalling  the beginning of even greater things to come.

Performing a melody on the Rootsman Riddim - Here Comes Trouble, Jesse Royal's Modern Day Judas and Jah9's Reverence - the 'Rasta youth' truly had Jamaica swelling with pride.

Check out the performance below!

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