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"Soap cyaan wash the pain away, the damage done the heart is stained, " sings Jamaican artist Cherine on her new single titled "Wah Dat Fah?"

Cherine offers up a fresh sound with poignant lyrics on  "Wah Dat Fah?", her  first official release since her 2013 dancehall hit "Haffi Come Back". 

The message on "Wah Dat Fah?" is powerful and the lyrics read like street poetry to an extremely infectious beat.  Cherine pays tribute to the legendary reggae sounds of the past while creating something her generation of new school 'reggae/dancehall revivalist' will undoubtedly call their own. "Wah Dat Fah?" is a perfect mix of heavy drum and bass production that places the singer's alluring voice and powerful message front and center.

"Wah Dat Fah?"  is written by Cherine, and is produced by Sly & Robbie and 20 Six Music Group. 

"Wah Dat Fah" was recorded at The Bridge Studio by engineer Robert "Taj" Walton and at Anchor Recordings Studio. The song was mixed by Robbie Shakespeare and Delroy "Fatta" Pottinger.

Check out the single below:

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