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Upcoming Reggae/Dancehall artist Byngham, hailing from Lilliput, Montego Bay releases his new single entitled “Adultery”, in which he sings about being involved with another man's wife.

Byngham is no stranger to the music scene; he is known for his melodious reggae hit single “Come back to me”, which awarded him the Carivibez TV “Breakout video of the year in 2011, and “Mother’s Love” which was premiered on Onstage CVM TV in 2012.

Since then, Byngham has taken some time off from the music scene for personal reasons, though he was always in the studio working on his musical catalogue.

He teamed up with the multi-talented producer DJ Steam from New York to create his latest single Adultery, which is an up-tempo dancehall track that is very unique because of its message. The song could give different meanings based on one’s perspective. Nonetheless, it’s a very catchy song that will easily grow on you.

The intro of the song stated: "Mi neva kno mi wuda duh it, but mi duh it, oh no. No mi nuh perfect, mi ah human, yeahh. shi ah nuh mi girl, ah nuh mi woman, no ooh. But it feels so right, even though she's somebody's wife."

When byngham was asked, if he actually committed adultery, he answered with a smile: "yuh kno mi neva really commit adultery, mi naah go lie still, I have cheated and have also being cheated on, but dem thing deh happen all the time. In most relationships one party cheats. Pan ah different level, the concept of the song Adultery came from me just playing on words and I found the topic interesting so I wrote a song. Once you listen to the song you will understand the reason it's titled Adultery."

The producer (DJ Steam) of the song also weighs in on his latest production "Adultery" and working with Byngham for the first time.
"Working with Byngham was a great experience, primarily of his dynamic vocal range and work ethic in the studio. I first sent him my Stimulus Riddim which is a fusion of dancehall and pop, where our aim was the international market. The song came out very controversial yet expressive content, but we are pleased with the final product. This record might be a bit harsh for some, but the song actually has a positively strong message behind it. You just have to take a listen and judge for yourself!"

The song is currently available on ITunes and other major online distribution companies. It will be premiered Valentine’s Day, Friday February 14th on Byngham's Official youtube channel (

Byngham is also getting ready to release a string of new singles includes, Let The Music Play, Karma, and Go Dung Gal featuring Zip FM's Disc Jock ZJ Wah Wa

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