Buju Banton's 'Champion' gets 2013 lift from Selena Gomez Image

by Biko Kennedy

With the recent outburst of island-fever going airborne these last few months, varying American acts have caught the bug with Pop icon Selena Gomez joining the wave.

Sampling Buju Banton's hit single Champion from his 1995 'Til Shiloh album, the former Disney channel star gives the track an interesting twist on her latest single Like a Champion (see above).

Appearing on her July-released album Stars Dance, Gomez utilized the sample for its maximum effect, allowing Banton's original lines "Walk like a champion/ talk like a champion/ ram-pa-pa-pam-pam" to act as both the introduction and hook for the track.

Unfortunately Gomez missed the mark with the execution of the sample; serving Banton's classic 90's tune very little justice. 

The juxtaposition of the track's backdrop matched with the chorus and verses appear as an odd couple. The song lacked an intriguing harmony, almost as if the verses and the sample weren't meant to be on the same track at all...almost playing reminiscent of Rihanna's controversial single Man Down.

But what do you think of Gomez's sample?

FUN FACT- Banton's Champion has been sampled a few times before; in 1996 by Happymen on the single Love is You (Stunned Guys Mix); in 1998 by Suprême NTM on the single Pose Ton Gun; in 1998 by Eve on the single Eve of Destruction and by Sub Focus in 2004 on the single Soundguy.

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