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by Jordan Delahaye

With a grand total of 16 tracks, Bugle’s Anointed is most assuredly an earful. Fortunately the album is an easy listen with a smooth sound that asserts Bugle’s maturity as a musician.

“Nuh Compatible” has already been released as a single and is also featured on VP’s Ragga Ragga Ragga among a slew of dancehall knockouts. The track was met with favourable reception and secures Bugle’s prominence in the competitive dancehall arena. The album’s other single “Infidelity” does the same, but this time the musician calls on dancehall veteran Marion Hall for greater emphasis. 

Hall plays a jilted lover on “Infidelity” and the playful dynamic between the two makes for an entertaining number.

Alaine, Popcaan and Mr. Singy Singy himself, Tarrus Riley, all team up with Bugle for a memorable performance on “Only Human”. Alaine and Riley carry the melodic tune of the song while Popcaan deejays alongside Bugle. The song’s subtle complexity, which is accentuated in parts by some expert licks and riffs on the electric guitar, contrasts its relatively simple but conscious narrative in a way that makes the songs message all the more impactful. 

It is typical in today’s pop culture that when a group of successful musicians come together on a track it is to highlight their already evident success. Instead Bugle collaborates with this small but colourful cast in what could be viewed as a bid to humanize the almighty music industry. The tenderhearted track is wrought with compassion and bares an infectious sensibility that most anyone can appreciate.

This conscious element is present throughout Anointed. Like most of the Rastafarians in the reggae fraternity, Bugles devoutness shines through on the compilation and makes clear his dedication to a spiritually fulfilling life. There is also a hint of self-righteousness but this is often unavoidable with music of the kind.

Bugle’s latest release is a well constructed compilation and presents a notably stellar production. Daseca Productions, the album’s lead architect, does a commendable job of maintaining a certain level of cohesiveness in the album’s arrangement.   

Anointed opens with the solemn “Reflection” and progresses through to the reverential sign-off, “Jah Be with You”, all the while bringing Bugle’s mastery to the fore and emphasizing his range. There are a number of distinguished tracks on the album - like the catchy “Y R U”, “Move Dem”, which features Julian Marley, and the noteworthy title track – and though the music highlights a softer sonic, its bravado remains intact.

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