Bryan Art makes a Fresh Start with new EP Image

by Jordan Delahaye

Positive Reggae music with a message is his forte and Bryan Art is uncompromising in this regard as his latest compilation reveals.

2013 was an overall productive year for Bryan Art and with a promotional tour of Europe in the works and a performance booked at the prestigious Jamaica Jazz and Blues festival this month it seems the musician is not looking to slow down any time soon.

Art is no novice musician however as he made the foray into the music industry some thirteen years ago with the release of his debut single titled “Soon Come Back”. Since then Art has had an illustrious career, becoming a household name in 2005 with his hit single “Get it”. The artiste started his own record label called Junction Files Muzik in 2012 and recently released his first compilation under the label – an EP aptly titled “Fresh Start”.

The EP carries four tracks including a moving collaboration with Sizzla and Queen Ifrica - “Murder Dem a Play” - which is essentially a powerful anti-violence anthem layered on an infectious rock-steady beat. The title track leads the album as Art croons about new beginnings before seguing into the second track, “Knowledge is The Power”. The EP ends on a lighter note with “Dance Haffi Nice” as Art’s melodious voice juxtaposed with the groovy music in the backdrop - filled with robust horns and a delicate dub beat - incites a feeling of heady tranquillity that will have you swaying or bobbing your head before you know it.

It is no wonder that this seasoned musician was selected as a Reggae Month Ambassador for 2014 as his soulful voice and the subtle nuances in his skilful delivery is a perfect conduit for reggae’s unique syncopation. The Edna Manley School of Arts graduate is also an adept guitarist, a skill which he has honed for several years as a touring member of the Legendary Fire House Band and the Grass Roots Band. Art is also a prolific songwriter having penned songs for the likes of Etana and Luciano among others.

Art’s passion for reggae and penchant for uplifting music is presented with a fresh take on his new EP. “Fresh Start” is essentially just that for the experienced musician and is an impressive debut for his record label. 

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