Bring it Back; Lovindeer's Wild Gilbert; 25 years later Image

by Biko Kennedy

Packing a pun-tangled catalogue, Lovindeer's 1988 single 'Wild Gilbert' have played as a constant reminder of the catastrophic hurricane that passed the island but interestingly and unconsciously the single has become the hurricane anthem of all seasons.

Released on Lovindeer's own TSOJ (The Sounds of Jamaica) label and recorded at Dynamic Sounds in Kingston with the Riddim Kings as backing band three weeks after Gilbert had passed, the song simply revolved what he witnessed, what he was told and ultimately what he imagined from hearing and reading varying news reports about the hurricane and the island's aftermath.

"It was a feel-good song in the midst of disaster. After you go through that and survive, you want to celebrate. It's not 'woe, woe'," Lovindeer explained to The Gleaner in a 2010 interview. "It was danceable and everybody could relate. It was fun for everybody. You find the man from uptown couldn't get ice either. The man from ghetto couldn't get no ice. Everybody was one at the time until the light come back and everybody go them separate ways."

"I was surprised that the song took off the way it did because at the time there were other Gilbert songs released before mine. But Wild Gilbert was huge," expressed Lovindeer about the category five hurricane Gilbert - that smashed the country, killing 45 persons and leaving hundreds homeless – to the Jamaica Observer.

Wild Gilbert became one of the fastest-selling singles in Jamaica, grossing an estimated 200,000 copies sold.

Well, Gilbert yuh gone ha ha,

Now wi can chat behind yuh back …

Water come inna mi room

Mi sweep out some with mi broom

Di likkle dog laugh to see such fun

And di dish run away with the spoon

Unno si mi dish unno si mi dish 

Anybody unno si mi satellite d-d- dish …

Dish tek off like flying saucer

Mi roof migrate without a visa …

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