Bob Marley 'Get Up Stand Up' Remix Image

by Biko Kennedy

With the release of Bob Marley and the Wailers' 'Legend Remixed' captivating a new generation of Reggae lovers and intriguing lovers of classic cuts from Bob Marley's unparalleled catalogue, we're treated with a behind the scene peek for the making of the number 6-tracked 'Get Up Stand Up' Remix.

Remixed by The Thievery Corporation, the single's pleasingly looped "Now we see the light" opener boasts a lush interpretation of the original, released in 1973 on the Burnin' album, allowing Peter Tosh vocals to soar effortlessly next to Marley's.

"There are a lot of people who are finally getting into electronic music and for some of those people I can't imagine who doesn't know Bob Marley. This is a way of creating a more electronic version and if there is anybody out there who hasn't heard of him maybe through some of these remixes some of the younger generation will come and really find out who Bob Marley really was through his music," expressed Rob Garza of The Thievery Corporation.

Remember you can stream the entire Legend Remixed album here!

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