Bob Marley 'Easy Skanking'/ 'Exodus' Remix Image

by Biko Kennedy

With the release of Bob Marley and the Wailers' 'Legend Remixed' captivating a new generation of Reggae lovers and intriguing lovers of classic cuts from Bob Marley's unparalleled catalogue, we're treated with a behind the scene peek for the making of the number 10 and number 9 tracks, 'Easy Skanking' and 'Exodus' respectively.

"It means to take it easy…take it slow. Like you'll hear them say ride and whistle…to ride and whistle you have to be riding very slow," explains Stephen Marley on what he thinks the meaning behind the single is.

Appearing on Bob Marley and the Wailers' 1978 album Kaya, Easy Skanking's timeless lyrics "Excuse me while I light my spliff/ good God, I gotta take a lift:" easily spins as one of the most tranquil songs from Marley's awe-inspiring catalogue

"Bob Marley seems to me like a person who just saw the world and saw the pain in the world but also saw the beauty that existed it in that pain," candidly expressed Derek Vincent Smith more popularly known as Pretty Lights who produced the remixed version of Exodus. "What makes a Bob Marley song timeless…Bob Marley…he's the one that makes it timeless," he continued chuckling at the thought.

Remember you can stream the entire Legend Remixed album here!

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