Black Am I debuts with Modern Day Freedom Image

by Tanaka Tiki Roberts

New comer Black-Am-I of Ghetto Youths International shoots video for debut single 'Modern Day Freedom'. visited the set of Black-Am-I's video shoot for his new single 'Modern Day Freedom'. The up and coming artiste who hails from the Marley brothers 'Ghetto Youths International' camp, introduces himself to the world with a conscious message and a powerful voice with this single. "Modern Day Freedom" in a similar breath as the famous 'Redemption Song' implores listeners to free themselves of mental shackles through a fresh roots reggae appeal. The concept of the video is rather simple and complements the lyrics of the song well all through the directive eyes of Winston Mayhew.

Like the legendary Bob Marley, Black Am I originates from Nine Mile, St. Ann. His music career began with an audition for Damian Marley whom he impressed and later led to his invitation to join the Ghetto Youths International label. To date he records and tours with the camp and told that 2013 will see much more work from Black Am I.

The video is expected to premiere late November or early December the latest.

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