Behind the music: Making the Beat Image

by Biko Kennedy

The prophecies and messages looming in every Jamaican-released record are orchestrated by its backbone…the rhythm.

In an original series, Jamaicansmusic goes 'Behind the music' in hopes of unearthing some of Reggae's/Dancehall's best kept secrets.

In this episode, titled 'Making the beat', which features Dale Virgo (Geejam studio producer and manager), Carrie 'Quizz' Sigurdson (media guru/ promoter) and Leighton 'Walshy Fire' Walsh (DJ -Major Lazer/ Black Chiney), we tackle the story of music's evolution from its early 60's days of producing the echoing trumpet sound and a steady drumbeat of Ska to the more diverse and up-tempo of today's Dancehall sound.

"The beat is an underlining base rhythm of the soul," intimates Dale Virgo. "You hear a beat - you dance, you move; you have a rhythm in your body – it gives a kind of attitude we all can relate to," he continued before breaking down the fundamentals of the forms of music emitting from Jamaica.

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