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by Biko Kennedy

Songs act as the bridge between our deepest thoughts, emotions and untapped actions but composing the most heartfelt or captivation lyrics isn't always a walkover yet inspiration can be drawn from virtually anything.

With the rhythm of Reggae's bassline invoking varying thoughts in one's mind, part 2 of Jamaicansmusic's original series 'Behind the music' searches for ways of becoming a timeless lyricist.

Speaking with veteran producer and songwriter Danny Browne and son Niko Browne along with upcoming Reggae singjay Conkarah, keeping the authenticity of Jamaican's music and lyrical prowess thriving was the undertone of the conversation however one couldn't help but notice the reiteration of ways producers and wordsmiths are encouraged to stay 'true' to the power of Reggae and its worldwide grip.

"Reggae is one of the newest genres that exist on the planet and the impact it has had on Pop music globally is really amazing," expressed a laidback Danny Browne. "We're not into watering it down…it needs to develop [and] maintain that roots, that core [then] use our technology to take it into the next millennium," he continued before his son noted that "when it comes to writing in terms of lyrics, for me, there's no set way."

If you do love the play of words or is curious of Reggae compositions tease your creativity here

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