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by Biko Kennedy

For a country that spews music with geyser-like force, Jamaica is undoubtedly a melting pot of endless musical possibilities.

In part 4 of Jamaicansmusic's original series 'Behind the music' musicians Winston 'Merritone' Blake (Merritone Music), Producer/songwriter Danny Browne and Niko Browne, and Makonnen Blake-Hannah share their final thoughts on the future of Jamaican music.

"The problem [with] the Jamaican music industry is that it has not evolved at the pace of other territories around the world – like Europe, Asia and America," explains Makonnen Blake-Hannah. "[In terms of having] a proper payment structure, collection agencies, performing rights agencies to collect and do work. So I feel where Jamaica is really lacking in that particular area," he continued before talking on how numerous producers are neglecting foundation music like Mento and Ska.

Hear their take on Jamaican's music evolution here

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