Beenie Man/Elephant Man open up about BET performance Image

by Biko Kennedy

With a performance that lit social mediums ablaze on Sunday, June 30th, Beenie Man and Elephant Man are still basking in the moment.

A Reggae/Dancehall segment featuring DJ Jabba from Hot 97 FM along with Dawn Penn, Chaka Demus & Pliers, The King of the Dancehall and the Energy Gaad, the performance went down as the favourite of the night and one to look forward to in future stagings.

Speaking on Winford Williams' OnStage, the entertainers spoke on how the collaboration came about, what it means for Dancehall and Jamaican music and what's to be expected in the future.

"When they called at the last moment, it's [really] their interest made me interested," explains Beenie Man before noting that BET officially stated Shabba Ranks and Patra turned down the performing opportunity.

"Well you have 50 million people watching you live on TV that haven't seen you for [a while] it kind of put back a boost [in your career]," quipped Beenie Man about what the performance means for his career. "I have an album coming out, Ele have an album coming out, my single is about to drop in the US, which is Hottest Man Alive, and it really give us that boost because people haven't seen you at this standard for a while."

"We were supposed to perform from 5:30 p.m. [but] when the producers saw our rehearsal they moved it to closer to the end [of the show]," expressed a gesticulating Elephant Man before Beenie added "but they were saying they cannot close with Dancehall/Reggae because BET is a Hip Hop station."

Check out the animated full length interview below:

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