Become a part of Rootz Underground's new album 'Return Of The Righteous' Image

by Biko Kennedy

Having their third studio album close to completion, Rootz Underground is on the verge of its release but they're extended a special invitation to you...yes you! 

Giving fans close to 15 years of explosive performances laced with second-to-none tunes, Return of the Righteous promises to be a serious and solid step towards the revitalisation of Jamaican Reggae music globally. But the last hurdle to clear before creating a release date is a tough one but not impossible with your help.

What they need is your help with exactly? To finish, launch and tour the new album.  They need funding to:

  • Mix, master and package it
  • Launch it.  Which means LOTS of PR, social media activity and a listening party & concert, among other launch activities
  • Tour with it.  We want to come to your town and play as much as we can.  That takes flights, buses, hotels, meals and all the other things a growing band needs to tour!

To find out more and make donations click on the image below:

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