Barrington Levy Premieres "Rosie" Video Image

by Tanaka Roberts

Barrington Levy premieres the official music video for first single "Rosie" off his forthcoming album.

Media, fellow musicians, government officials, fans and family gathered at local eatery South Beach Cafe in Kingston on March 20th for the highly anticipated official music video premiere of Barrington Levy's latest single "Rosie". Besides a few collaborations over the past couple years and the recent release of an acoustic album fans have been longing for the "singing canary" to resurface and with the break of 2014 their cries were answered. Following a 12 year hiatus, Levy beaconed his comeback with the release of "Rosie" in January. Of course the proof of the pudding is in the eating; the nostalgic yet fresh track proved well worth the wait as local and foreign disc jocks reel the tune in heavy rotation while fans flocked to iTunes to satiate they're long time craving, landing Levy on iTunes front page.

With all the buzz in the street, Levy expressed that the video was imminent. The charge was given to new-comer Allison McLean and her team to execute. McLean worked closely with the Black Roses Entertainment team to conceptualize the video, aiming to capture both the lyrics and the essence of the artiste. The video begins by paying homage to Levy's hit song "Black Roses". It is set in the yard of a studio in Jamaica and portrays the typical "yardie" Friday link up; men and women gathered around board games, vibing to music and food on the grill. Amidst it all he tries to woo his love interest "Rosie" in between apparitions of Levy, "The Godfather".

The well executed production is actually McLean's very first  music video, a milestone she repeatedly expressed her gratitude to Levy for affording her. Happy with the video's outcome the artiste lauded the young McLean for her work which was later resonated by guests in attendance who requested an encore of the video after the first screening. 

Naturally, with the successful release of the single and video for "Rosie", everyone was eager to know when the album could be expected. "I want to do the album properly," Levy told his guests. He shared that the forthcoming album will be done independently through his own recording label, Black Roses Entertainment and it will be 2015 before the compilation will be ready. "I'm going to wake up the fans" Levy stated, confident about what he has in store. 

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