Barrington Levy delivers on hit-riddled acoustic album 'AcousticaLevy' Image

by Susan Spencer

Acoustic projects has always hold a certain level of quality, tranquility and raw soulfulness that seemingly strengthens the impact of the music and Barrington Levy's 'Acousticalevy' is nothing short of a masterpiece.

Barrington Levy released his long anticipated acoustic album entitled ‘Acousticalevy’ on May 5, 2015. The opus basks in the light of 15 tracks - two of which are new and the rest a beautifully woven compilation of his hits of yesteryear.

With over 30 years in the Dancehall industry, this is Levy’s first studio album since 1998 and stands as a collaborated piece of art with
Handel Tucker known for his work with the likes of Maxi Priest and The Fugees to deliver a masterful mix.

Featuring popular hits including ‘Murdera’, 'Under Mi Sensi', and 'She's Mine', the tone of the album is set from track one and simply builds on this momentum. Delivering a fresh outlook on each track, the trackllist pulls you closer with each passing note; taking listeners on a musical journey that gently caresses your memory of the first time you heard particular tracks.

On singles such as 'Black Roese', the Jamaican Reggae maestro's vocal range is more powerful than ever, with his signature vocal styling blossoming beautifully on 'Times Hard' - one of the two new works for the project. Both tracks stand tall as a testament to Levy's musical prowess on this project; a refreshing spin on a classic and skewed outlook forward to a new era. Not to be outdone, ‘Here I Come’ is also noteworthy for its clean and melodious delivery. The album closure finds Levy with a jazzy finger-snapping number that binds the opus magically.

In no manner should this Acousticalevy be considered a 'throwback' project in any sense as Levy somehow managed to breathe new life into masterpieces and creating something even greater. The album's downfall - if ever there were one - is the fact that albums such as these tend to go overlooked and not receive the recognition and push it truly deserves. This highly awaited album was truly worth its weight in gold as Levy hit all the right chords in studio while massage the right notes for an amazing auditory experience from beginning to end.

Track List:

1. Murdera
2. Life Is Great ft. Patrice
3. Unda Mi Sensi
4. Be Strong
5. Prison Oval
6. She’s Mine
7. Black Roses
8. Teach The Youth
9. Things Friends
10. Times Hard
11. Here I Come
12. Don’t Run Away
13. Only You
14. Vice Versa Love
15. Vibes is Right

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