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by Tanaka Tiki Roberts

Jamaican hip-hop artistes Nomad Carlos and Five Steez to exclusively premiere the video for their collaboration "Aww Snap" on

The hip-hop scene in Jamaica has been steadily growing over the past couple years and two of the major players in the game have joined forces for a super collaboration "Aww Snap". The song,  which appears on Nomad Carlos' newly released mixtape "Me Against The Grain", was produced by Polish native The Patent and resulted from a longstanding musical relationship between the two. According to Steez "The song is really about having skills on the mic, having fun and letting people know that when we combine, it's something special."

The video was shot in several locations around Kingston by production house The Board. As far as the concept is concerned, Nomad Carlos relayed "The video is just us having fun doing what we d o which is rap….I cant wait to give it to the people." Five Steez added that, "It's something dope and energetic."

Apart from the video for Aww Snap, the two are hard at work on several projects including another video collaboration. Nomads shared "A lot is in store. Definitely more content from "Me Against The Grain", more shows and some new music to look forward to towards the end of the year." Five Steez expressed that we can expect more visuals from his 2012 debut album "War for Peace" as well as a free remix EP to the album sometime soon as well.

The video will premiere for "Aww Snap" is scheduled for 4th March at 8pm.

Listen to Aww Snap here

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