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Andrew Robinson's Upcoming Digital Single Release is First of a Series of Planned New Releases for 2014 and beyond , This New Single Spy Games / N.S.A is another original track from Andrew and was Created at the beginning of 2014 with the aim to reach a Wider Audience. 

This New Track is Dancahall POP oriented Sound,very Provocative and Humorous , some people might even call it Scandalous but its Reality, for those of you who already know Andrew Robinson's Sound can safely say that he has one of the Sweetest Soul/R&B/Funk/Gospel & Reggae Voice in the Music Business and with even this New Sound/ Style for this New Track for sure they would still recognize his voice .

Andrew Returns to Switzerland form Germany in April of 2013 after a successful 2 Years stint in Germany and it was by no means an Accident , he took to the Mountains in the french speaking region of Switzerland where by far the most tranquell place to be for Free Thinkers like Andrew, with no Experience in speaking the french language Andrew planned to learn it, he then started taken French lessons but thats nothing strange for him, Andrew is a Jam/Swiss , What does that mean ? He is originally from Jamaica then Nationlized in Switzerland, does that explain the joined words Jam/Swiss ? Good and in June of 2013 he went on Tour with the New Reggae Band Back Lash from the Swiss-German Part as the Lead Vocalist to Corsica, a French Island, where they did three shows, 2 of those shows were in Bastia and the next in Cardo, one of those night we happen to play in the same City that Rihanna played and still able to get big support plus we Re-Recorded three of the Track from the Old Album Where Is The Love,

tracks like, Nation Open Your Eyes,Careless Jamaicans & Demos Gracias .

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