An exclusive look into Omi's next big singles Image

by Biko Kennedy

With singles Cheerleader and Standing on all Threes propelling his sound through rave reviews, Omi lets loose his next big singles Take It Easy and Fireworks.

Paying a noteworthy tribute to the past while gently dancing on the edges of the future, the singles Fireworks and Take it Easy stand as the perfect way to kick-off 2013 with video productions set to be released soon.

Shot in Bend, Oregon by director Tim Cash, Omi dares to be different with Take it Easy while Fireworks gives a more intimate, laid-back feel. In hopes of setting his work amongst the greats Omi notes, " I know I'm way out of my league right now but this is what we do at Oufah (Media)…we dare to be different." The newest prodigy of international talent wizard, Clifton 'Specialist' Dillon expects both video to be welcomed with open arms by critics and fans alike. "I know when you listen to the song it has an island vibe and everyone is picturing a beach with white sand and fire burning and steel drums and so forth, I know this is going to throw you way off but…you know Specialist and this is how he does it all the time," Omi shared about the Take It Easy video. The snow-adventured set of Take it Easy promises to be a story to watch play-out.

Here's a sneak peek as to what's to come…

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