Alborosie celebrates 20 years in Reggae Image

by Biko Kennedy

With an impressive catalogue that dates back to 1993, Alborosie has stood the tests of the music industry for two decades and squarely positions himself to manoeuvre decades to come. Born in Messina on the Italian island of Sicily, the Italian-born Jamaican resident preps his upcoming album.

Having started his career with the Italian Reggae band, National Tickets, as a 15-year-old going by the name Stena in 1993, he later moved to Jamaica in 2001 in an effort to grow closer to the Rastafarian faith and Roots Reggae music.

In any given interview you'll hear Alborosie declaring in his best patois "To me Reggae is Jamaica, that's why I am here for such a long time".

But after a somewhat reserved 2012, Alborosie is prepping a yet-to-be-titled album that promises to stay true to the essence of Reggae music that he fell in love with years ago.

"I've been working on it for quite a while now. I am very meticulous about sounds and arrangements so it is taking some time. As you know, Rome was never built in one day," he shared with The Jamaica Observer in an interview December 2012.

"I am all over the world; I am a musician and a revolutionary. Just for the record though, I do not promote my work in Jamaica as a 'market'. Jamaica is my home. This is where I live and play," he explained. "When I am home like anyone else, I like to relax and enjoy life and my hard work. So I will drive out of town, go fishing, wear my slippers and just enjoy life. That's how I like it. Do I plan to change that? Not really."

"So it's 20 years that I've dedicated my life to Reggae; studying Reggae; exploring Reggae; go through Reggae; live Reggae; breathe Reggae. So when I say 20 years it's not 20 years of Alborosie, it's 20 years of Alberto D'Ascola into Reggae music. Because Alborosie came like around 2007 up to now," intimated Alborosie in a candid interview with Oufah Media.

Hear Alborosie talk on his new album here

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