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by Biko Kennedy

With two studio albums, including Sacrifice (2007) already under her belt, singer Alaine recently completed her first tour of the United Kingdom (UK) and is looking forward to the release of her next full-length set.

The stint, which was also in support of the upcoming album, Ten of Hearts, saw Alaine as guest performer on Tarrus Riley's Love Situation tour, which made stops in Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, and London.

"It was my first time in the UK and the vibe was out of this world. I've been working with Tarrus for about five to six years. We've written songs together such as Gimme Likkle One Drop and Forever Mine, so when I was contacted by the promoters in the UK to be a part of his tour I was extremely happy. It was really amazing," Alaine told The Sunday Gleaner.

The singer, who also performed at the Sundance Festival in Holland, was overwhelmed with the audiences' responses throughout the tour. "Each night we had people screaming and singing along and it was just an awesome experience. It was awesome to work with Tarrus' Blak Soil Band. The energy was good. I'm looking forward to many more," she said.

With the performances doubling as a mini promo tour for Alaine's yet-to-be-released
 Ten of Hearts set, she pointed to consistency in her content, now encapsulated in the upcoming album's title. "I've been singing for 10 years and my songs have all been about love. Not just man to woman love, but love for your brothers and sisters, just love for mankind on a whole. So I think the title encapsulates my story - 10 years of love," Alaine said.

The project, which features producers such as UIM Records, Tony Kelly and DJ Frass, has not been given an official release date.

Still, although anticipating the album's release, Alaine is not curtailing her output. She currently has out the singles Better Than This and So In Love, produced by UIM and DJ Frass, respectively.

"I love writing songs. Songs wake me out of my bed at nights. I went to some of the producers and I said let's build something out of this. I think people are sufficiently depressed and I don't want my music to add to that. My music will always be about love, joy and positivity," Alaine said.

She is also gearing up for performances on the continent of Africa.

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