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by Biko Kennedy

With the web-documentary 'À la Jamaïque' French musician, filmmaker, illustrator, director, producer and sound engineer Romain Chiffre, better known as Sherkhan, takes viewers on a new look inside the Reggae Revival currently taking place.

Filmed at the recently held Arts in the Garden, Sherkhan spoke with a few band members to get their perspective on the state of Reggae music today in comparison to days in the pass and why the Reggae Revival is the talk of Jamaican's music right now.

"In life and everything is a cycle so years ago when nothing was happening and NoMaddz started the trod from Jamnesia now it's gone to something bigger, so give thanks to Jah," explains Chris 'Birdheye/Birdie' Gordon from NoMaddz.

Delroy 'Pele' Hamilton, bass player and band leader of the Raging Fyah band, underscored Gordon's belief adding "It's a renaissance movement right now in Jamaica, a whole revival. It's a crew [of us and] not just one band. [Musical unity] was there in the beginning then it kind of shifted for a while but as is said 'What was there in the beginning, shall come back in the end'."

If ever there was a freestyle to be remembered it would be Protoje, at the Arts in the Garden concert, militantly spitting bars over the instrumental of his single 'Who dem a Program' saying:

"Ting a rise up slow/ see it deh Reggae have revival now/ dem have dem eyes pon you/ tink divide we and tun we inna rival now, but/ Chronixx just heights up so, Kabaka deh yah Rasta run di island now/ Jah 9 a shine and glow shh/ how do you stop the revival?"

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