icon OUR ISLAND, JAMAICA Ebook "OUR ISLAND, JAMAICA" - a resource textbook on Jamaica students and teachers of Geography and Social Studies of primary and secondary schools is now available FREE OF CHARGE.
icon Rituals: Your Third Place Nicknamed the "Starbucks of the Caribbean", Rituals is now a widespread coffeehouse chain throughout the major islands in region. To date they have approximately 55 locations where they started in Trinidad alone and at least 2 in other Cari...
icon Strasbourg, France Reggae Global Report I fell in love with the Jamaican culture during my first trip to Jamaica in the summer of 2000. It is mainly the omnipresence of the music in the life of the Jamaicans which impressed me enormously. On my return to France, I became interest...
icon Helsinki, Finland: Reggae Global Report In my home country, Finland, the means to experience Jamaica and her culture are quite scarce. Fortunately, for me, a music lover and selector, the quality of music played at reggae/dancehall clubs in Finland has taken huge steps forward si...
icon Jah Rock and Jah Rastafari Peter C. Whittington is the Founder and Chief Designer for Jah Rock and Jah Rastafari Apparel. After forming a successful security company which consisted of 165 employees, he left his home country of Trinidad to pursue his education in pat...
icon Potwah Restaurant: Authentically Jamaican Tucked away in a quaint location at 8 Hillview Avenue, is one of Jamaica's tastiest hidden treasures, Potwah. The restaurant is not yet well known, but if it continues on the same delectable path, the owners will soon have more mouths to fe...



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