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by Biko Kennedy

With the continued growth of the Reggae Revival's global movement, each person plays a specific role and, as a testament to this, disc jockey Yaadcore plans to flood the airwaves with his Reggae Aroma.

Yaadcore has been rising in success recently with the popularity of his mixtapes and affiliation to Protoje and he shows no sign of slowing down.

He was exposed to the art of playing music at a young age, observing his father's Mandeville-based sound system, Love People International. For more than a decade, he has been serving choice music to fans at events across Jamaica. As the lead selector for the sound system I&I Worldwide and spinning as Protoje's official DJ, Yaadcore has been globally spreading the consciousness and positivity associated with Roots Reggae music.

After a brief stint at a previous radio station, Yaadcore's new home on the airwaves is Hot 102 FM, where his program, Reggae Aroma, airs Thursday nights at 12:30 to 2:00am. Jamaicansmusic.com caught up with the DJ to talk a bit on his careers moves and his involvement with the revival of authentic Reggae music.

Jamaicansmusic: Everyone will easily recognize you as Protoje's personal DJ, how and when was it that you started working with Oje?

Yaadcore: I always used to hear about Oje while in high school from my good friend Geoffrey who knew him from childhood days. After the release of his single 'Arguements' in 2009 I told Geoffrey he had to sort out the link because I needed that dub plate! The link finally happened in late 2009 early 2010. Got the dub then the link just grew naturally from there. He then needed a Sampler to promote his debut album. Knowing about my previous mixtape works Oje gave me the opportunity to work with him on this project. After that the link was sealed, not only where work is concerned but as a bredren.

JAmusic: The effect mixtapes once had on the average person seems to not be the same, in the sense where mixtapes was the avenue to hear new and exclusive songs from a particular artiste. Why would you see it necessary to still release mixtapes when varying songs can be found on the internet and compiled by anyone?

Y: This is how I show my creativity. Everybody can mix but not everybody mix the same way, song selection is also is key. So if my creativity stands out then my fan base will grow. With regards to new and exclusive songs, I definitely try to keep that culture going. As my career grows I will be more able to deliver exclusivity with the selections.

JAmusic: With the rise of the Reggae Revival, every artiste or media personnel involved play a specific role; what's the role you're playing and how exactly does it help to propel the movement?

Y: I'm a DJ so I have the responsibility to showcase the artistes' work to the people. I made a decision that on December 31, 2012 would be the last time I played non-conscious music for myself or at any event. This automatically allows me to focus more on Reggae music which will naturally help to propel the present movement, Especially now that I recently started to play on the Jamaican Radio Station Hot 102 FM.

JAmusic: Why is it now more than ever important for this Reggae Revival to take place and change what is thought of as normality of Jamaican music today?

Y: I'm glad you asked that question. It's not even about Jamaican music because artistes in Jamaica have been singing negative lyrics for a while now. Pertaining to the riddims though, it has become more Americanised or 'Pop', less rootical. Music is word sound and power, negative lyrics only lead people a stray and encourage the wrong lifestyle. We are living in a serious time. Reggae music is Ras Tafari music! So revival now, only forward to raise the consciousness level of Jamaican people because Reggae Music big worldwide enough, Because non-Jamaicans doing it big in the Reggae scene internationally. When the iration a forward from the spirit of the Reggae creators to the world the energy is higher!

Don't forget you can tune in to my radio show 'Reggae Aroma' on Hot 102 fm [ www.hot102.fm ] every Thursday night 12:30 am - 2:00 [Jamaican Time] for Original Roots Music plus check out my sound cloud raining music! www.soundcloud.com/yaadocre

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