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by Tanaka Roberts

Twenty-five-year-old Melbourne Dyke started out deejaying in high school for fun. It was only after he graduated, at about 19 years old, that he decided to take his talent seriously and pursue music. Inspired by the major hit makers of the industry like Sizzla, Buju Banton, Capleton, Shabba and Beenieman, Vital began writing his own songs and eventually got the opportunity to record.

For those of us familiar with the JN Money Transfer advertise-ment or more recently the Digicel Top Up (Aww, Too Bad For You) commercial, Vital is the artiste behind the voice. So far, he has worked with Chimney Records for his song "Hey Gal" on the Movie Star Riddim and WashRoom for "Nah Go Back a Prison" on the Bad So Riddim and collaborated with Tessanne Chin for "Wine Yuh Waist". 

In addition to this, he recently recorded "Life is the Best" and a summertime song for Dat Sick Production called "Party Fi Di Summer Yah". He is currently working with other producers including Delly Ranx and  expressed interest in working with producers "who really love music, like Stephen Mc-Gregor. He has a nice vibe and the know-how, as well as Daseca and Seanizzle; they are current and I like their work." His main objective is to deliver good music to listeners and so he would love to collaborate with artistes who have consistently done so. He said he would like to work with Tami Chynn and Alaine and, of course, the highly esteemed aforementioned artistes who in-spire his craft.Vital also hopes to travel the world to deliver authentic Jamaican music. 

"Music is a healing. You feel it, you love it and it touches you," he said. "I know I can help to broaden the scope of Jamai-can music. I have the capability to draw attraction to our coun-try all over the world and make people more interested in our music." Of course, it will be no easy task to get the recognition and accolades he dreams to have some day, but Vital lives by the philosophy that 'by the sweat of your brow you shall surely eat bread', acknowledging that you have to work hard for what you desire.

The artiste, who is currently unsigned, looks towards improving his talent to be a considered a good artiste in the eyes of the people. He voiced much gratitude for his cousin Conroy Forte of WashRoom Entertainment for the musical guidance he has pro-vided, teaching him to recognize what good quality music sounds like. Vital is indeed progressing towards a breakthrough unto the music scene with more radio play and appearances, lately sharing the stage with Gyptian, Munga and Fahrenheit at Carlos Café.
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