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by Biko Kennedy

Artistes come and they certainly will go with very few leaving an impression behind. But every so often there comes along talents that simply take your breath away and have you wondering "Where were they from the outset?" Jamaicansmusic.com went searching and came across this new unearthed talent.

Jamaicansmusic: Most artistes would describe music as their perfect addiction. How would you describe it?

Kevy B: "Certainly as an emotional entity that I'll consider to be my closest friend. Mainly because it's a strategy that I use to express myself indirectly to people of how I'm feeling internally, so instead of talking to somebody about a situation that I'm going through or if I'm in a specific mood I prefer to take it out on music by simply writing a song and playing the piano which overall makes me feel relaxed."

JAmusic: As a 20-year-old why did you see it fit to launch your own label without even establishing your name in the market as yet?

Kevy B: "Well since I want to pursue a career as a music producer as well I thought it would be appropriate to have my own record label that all my copyrighted projects would fall under. There aren't any other artistes that are recording under this label currently however; I have future plans for both upcoming and established artistes to record on my label when I'm in a good position with my career. By the way the name of the label is Kevstar Records (laughs)."

JAmusic: Who are some of your influences and how do they compound when you're producing a song or writing one?

Kevy B: "Well I'm influenced by Stephen McGregor as when he came on the scene in 2005 he stood out to me with his instrumentals and unique sounds, he's the one that has revolutionized Dancehall mixing it with a little Hip Hop and R and B and I commend him for that. Ryan Leslie is an International music producer/artiste that I look up to as he creates everything from scratch using anything around him that can make a sound and fits it into a beat. Michael Jackson is an artiste that I have looked up to from I was a child as I use to try and imitate his dance moves and sing in front of my mirror, his voice is just unique and his songs can be easily related to. Chris Brown is another artiste that I look up to currently as he idolizes Michael Jackson and put MJ's style in his own way. I try to sound like Chris Brown in some of my songs as his voice is what really inspired me to start singing R and B songs. Omarion is also one of my inspirations to write songs as he imitates Michael Jackson as well and he's just overall a great entertainer that I hope to become in the future. Certainly no artiste is only influenced by one individual so I draw small aspects from each entertainer and see how best I can make it my own."

JAmusic: You do sing and perform well yet you'd say singing isn't your main priority? Why is it that you'd more likely want to be a music producer and video director?

Kevy B: "Singing isn't my main priority because I enjoy the producing aspect more as I love playing instruments. I play the piano without seeking lessons and I play anything that comes to my mind and create a melody based on my mood. Music producing helps me to express my emotions more as a person and the public can tell by the tempo or the genre of beat it is. Video directing is a hobby that I recently developed a passion for as I study Communication and Arts Technology at the University of Technology (UTECH) and the course work involves video and graphic designing so I guess my passion developed there as it caught my attention."

Current Work

JAmusic: Are there any project(s) currently out for you?

Kevy B: "Yes, there is the First Class Riddim which I produced and voiced on that features a number of upcoming acts. It was released in December of 2012 and my team and I are currently marketing the project."

JAmusic: Are there any other projects you're looking into?

Kevy B:"I'd like to complete my first EP, which is yet to be titled, later this year as well as produce another riddim featuring only female artiste to hopefully be released by summer of 2013. As producers I think we should really highlight our female talents way more."

Final Comments

Kevy B: "I really appreciate this interview. Shouts out to the Jamaicansmusic.com team and Biko you already know what it is. I'm looking at this interview as an official introduction to Kevy B and what I have to offer and I'm sure persons will be hearing more of me now."

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