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by Tanaka Tiki Roberts

The BeatRoom provides a virtual marketplace to buy and sell beats/riddims.

Although Dominic Chin Sang has never been actively involved within the music industry, the 24 year old saw an opportunity in 2011 and decided to try his hand in it. He told that he simply took note of how the industry operates and started conceptualizing how best to improve it. Two years later, he launched his website and solution, "TheBeatRoom". Explain the concept of TheBeatroom

Dominic Chin Sang: The Beatroom creates a virtual marketplace for persons looking to buy or sell beats. This website will create tremendous value for persons ranging from the professional producer down to just the average person creating beats/riddims at home by giving these person creative freedom to express themselves to the world while also providing a source of income for them.

JAMusic: Where/When did the idea come about?

ChinSang: The idea for Beatroom came about in 2011 but the website was not officially launched until November 2013. I saw that there was a need for a reliable "middle man" in the business of selling beats especially those selling internationally. I realized the problem would arise from producers who had there beats for sale but would not want to hand over their beat before any money is transferred in fear of the person being able to make over/copy the beat, likewise, the buyers would not want to hand over the money unless they receive the beat, thus leading to the creation of the website.

JAMusic: How profitable is this venture? 

ChinSang: This venture has tremendous potential for profit gain not only for the website itself but also for person conducting transactions on the website. The website seeks to become the 'go to' website when it comes to beats/riddims of a Caribbean nature ( dancehall, soca, reggae)

JAMusic: Who creates the Riddims?

ChinSang: The riddims/beats are created by you- normal persons like me and you who have a knack for music and putting sounds together. Anybody who create riddims will be able to upload them to the website for sale.

JAMusic: What type of riddims do you offer?

ChinSang: Starting out the website will be mainly geared towards Caribbean riddims (dancehall, soca, reaggeaeton ,reggae etc) . Ultimately though the riddims placed on the website will be up to what the uploader wants to sell.

JAMusic: Can customers request customized riddims?

ChinSang: Well one notable factor about the website is that when a person purchases a riddim on the site he/she will receive the tracked out version of the riddim. This tracked out version allows person to add/remove or change instruments in the riddim to how they see fit. However if a person wants a custom beat made from scratch from a particular producer the person can contact the producer on the website through our Beatroom community and make any request directly to that producer.

JAMusic: Can more than one person purchase any particular beat?

ChinSang: No, once a beat is sold it is removed from the website

JAMusic: What has the reception been so far ?

ChinSang: With the official launch of the website no older than a month we can say that the reception has good and steadily rising as more and more people become aware of this service. We encourage all music lovers, producers, artists anybody that loves music on a whole to check out the website (

JAMusic: What other special features can we find on the site?

ChinSang: The website offers a community where persons can chat, message, like posts and more. There is an "upcoming Artist" banner on the front page of the website that facilitates promoting a young artists music to visitors of the website (if clicked this banner will take the visitor to the artists website, Facebook, soundcloud etc. whichever they want to promote).

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