Swerving from The 7 Year Itch to The 8 Year Affair Image

by Biko Kennedy

The 7 Year Itch aspired to free the people from their societal shackles through the musical arts, reinforcing the hope that dwells in the hearts of young Jamaicans and people all over the world. With his sophomore project Protoje plans to do much more.

On the two-year-anniversary of his ear-grabbing debut release date (January 25, 2011), Jamaicansmusic.com caught up with the radical Dread to speak a bit on The 8 Year Affair and its February 12th release date.

Jamaicansmusic: With every album that an artiste releases they intend to tell a specific story. What is the tale being told on The 8 Year Affair?

Protoje: The 8 year of is a continuation of my musical journey. My first album, The 7 Year Itch, and this album are a part of a series that connect my musical journey together. This volume of work is focused on dealing with being in the music and keeping my focus amidst all of the distractions. The first album was about the hardships in commencing a musical career.

JAmusic: What specific elements do you think characterises your growth as artiste from The 7 Year Itch to the 8 Year Affair that we'll hear on the album?

P: Really just my spiritual journey into Rastafari.

JAmusic: When you look back on the journey you took in creating this album, what lessons did you learn along the way? Be it about yourself or musically (storytelling, lyrical composition, etc.).

P: I realized that I need to make sure that I am pleased with what I am doing and I have come to realize the direction in which I want to take the music.

JAmusic: What song(s) on the album do you hold closest to your heart, that you simply can't wait for everyone to hear and why this particular song?

P: 'Music From the Heart' is my absolute favourite. I always write the first and last songs of my album last and it's always hard to pick a favourite between these two. At the time when I wrote this song my thoughts were about what listeners would be thinking about the album and their expectations. On that very day Gentleman (the artiste) had just delivered one of his plaques to the Producer Don Corleon and he was installing the plaque on his wall. Everything hit me all at once, I remembered why I love to do music and it wasn't for the plaques, not for the awards or the praise; but just to make music that satisfies my soul. I think this song fully demonstrates that.

JAmusic: What do you hope listeners will take away from the 8 Year Affair?

P: I just hope that the album will inspire thought and hopefully the listener gets a better understanding of the individual that I am and the person I'm striving to be and that the music can help them on their individual journey and bring them closer to what they are seeking in their lives.

JAmusic: And the release of The 8 Year Affair will be on February 12th?

P: Yes, the 12th February, 2013. Official launch at Tuff Gong starting at 8pm. Also available on iTunes on that day. On the 23rd of February there will be a live show performance of the entire album at the Edna Manley College of Visual and Performing Arts titled Protoje and INDIGGNATION -The 8 Year Affair -Live from Kingston commencing at 10pm.

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