Nou Vin Lakay wows Rototom with debut performance Image

by Federico Di Puma

Rototom Sunsplash always brings to the Festival artists who might be not well known on this side of the world but that deserve all the best for their work. One of those is the Nou Vin Lakay from Venezuela, winner of the Rototom Latin Reggae Contest. We had the opportunity to spend some time with them after their show.

JAmusic: Greetings and thanks for your time. You just finished your show how was the vibe on stage?

NVL: Vibe was good and we thanks God, all the people supporting Nou Vin Lakay here, in Venezuela and all over the world. We understood from the stage that the people loved the show and it’s very nice!


JAmusic: Is this your first time in Europe?

NVL: No it’s our second, the first was Foundation Reggae Festival in Galicia. Rototom is the second and we are very proud and excited to be here, and we feel the vibes are great.


JAmusic: You won the Rototom Latin Reggae Contest, how was that experience?

NVL: What we want to say is that we are no winner, we got the privilege to be here and we are proud we could represent South America and show everybody how we do Reggae music down there, but we are no winner music is the winner.


JAmusic: Can you talk a bit on the history of the band?

NVL: The band got 10 years, we have three albums and when we go back in our country we are gonna record the next one. There’s so much work, it’s so hard to work in Latin America because Reggae music is not as popular as in Europe or Jamaica or US, but we are here.  We tried, we stood firm and we keep on delivering the message to the world, in Spanish, in English, with every language we can. We are Rasta, and to pass the message is our mission.


JAmusic: What music do you listen to? What are your influences?

NVL: We like a lot Jamaican Reggae, we love Luciano (who was on stage in meantime ed.), Sizzla, Damian, Midnite are our spiritual guide for my life, but it’s difficult to say one artist. And we also listen a lot to other music like Hip Hop, Salsa, Bachata, African music.


JAmusic: There’s anything else you’d like to add?

NVL: We are proud! Selassie bless, if you black, white, Italian, Jamaican, we need peace for the world, for Gaza and Palestinian people. Peace, food and Reggae Music! That’s what we need, and make no mistake all my people Jah Jah will provide all those things. Nuff respect, Selassie bless.

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