Maxi Priest finds new passion with football Image

by Biko Kennedy

With hits Strollin' On, Wild World and Merry Go Round squarely placed under his belt, and spending over three decades within the musical stratosphere, Maxi Priest takes his passion for football to another level.

Reggae star excited to be playing in the AFCAR (Africa-Caribbean) clash.

Describing the opportunity to participate in the upcoming AFCAR football game as "an honour," Priest stands amongst the likes of Manchester United legend Andy Cole and former World Cup winner Patrick Vieira, slated to take place on May 27th at Griffin Park, Brentford,. 

Barely able to contain his excitement, Priest told the Voice Of Sport writer Jermaine Haughton about his favourite footballer, why he thinks AFCAR is important and who he is most looking forward to playing against.


What football team do you support?

Maxi Priest: I'm a Manchester United fan, and have been supporting the Red Devils since the 60s. I loved watching the likes of George Best, Nobby Stiles and Bobby Charlton. Best was amazing to see. He was at least a generation before his time. He had so much flair and style.

Can we expect similar play from yourself?

MP: Hopefully! {laughs} I'm just going to go out there and do my best. I like to play on the left side of attack, but I can play anywhere on the field. I can even play in goal!

Didn't you go to the same school as Arsenal legend Ian Wright?

MP: Yes, Ian and I also played at the same local football team in South London as kids. He was another player of great flair, during a time when English coaches didn't want those types of players. Thankfully, his great performances for Crystal Palace, then Arsenal, showed how important skilful players are. 

Why do you think AFCAR is so important?

MP: It's been such a long time coming! It's about supporting our charities and about gathering everyone from across the African and Caribbean communities. It's beautiful that everyone will be getting together because of their love of football. 

Who are you looking forward to playing against?

MP: Jay Jay Okocha. He is the man! He was a superb player with great skill. There aren't many players out there who were more entertaining than Okocha.

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