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by Biko Kennedy

If you fuse Dancehall, Dance, Pop, Hip Hop and R and B, with a poetical smile, enchanting eyes, a goddess-like physique and an undying fascination with assassins you get the up and coming singing sensation, Ms Karian Sang.

With her creative and seductive persona, Karian Sang is rapidly creating a buzz for herself amongst some of the most sought after artistes ranging; inclusive of Mavado and Shaggy. Passionate about her craft, the 'Jump' singer plans to work unendingly until her name is synonymous among her childhood idols.

Jamaicansmusic.com caught up with the Jamaican-born singer in-between takes of the video shoot for the Mavado assisted single 'Take It'.

Jamaicansmusic: Do you ever get frustrated with the time it's taking you to get your name out there in the musical landscape and not be looked at as just another artiste hopeful?

Karian Sang: No I don't because I understand that everything has its time, if it is mine my blessings will rain when the world is ready for me. I leave it all up to God where my destiny lies.

JAmusic: When you look at your sound/music, how have outside producers and musicians impacted your sound?

KS: Toni Braxton, Mavado, Aaliyah, Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Jagged Edge, Ludacris, Tupac, and Mariah Carey I love them so much for many reasons. I think ma style is different 'cause I love variety and I'm influenced by all things, even outside of music, which allows me to be very creative 'til the sound process becomes automatic and natural.

JAmusic: What goes into the creative process when you're in the lab cooking up a new singles, from beginning to end?

KS: Sometimes it starts with an everyday situation then a beat or a melody in my head, whatever my muse is at the moment inspires me, and I'm able to put myself in character to sing and feel the words that flow from my heart…I usually write my tracks as a rap song then I sing the words.

JAmusic: Apart from them being timeless, what drew you to all these different types of artistes that influence you sound?

KS: I was drawn by their outstanding skills; that 'it' factor each of them possess, that made them so good whether it was their sound, look, style, material or abilities that separated them from each other. It made me realize I love them for being unique, and being true to myself has gained me the respect and appreciation in the music industry. I wanted to be loved for who I am even though I'm not perfect I didn't want to be no one else but me hence my sound.

JAmusic: How does these musical influences compound when you sit to write or record a song?

KS: Well the only influence I think I really take in is they're work ethic. I'm a workaholic and I won't stop until I get it right so the drive I see in these artistes has now become a part of me which helps a lot when writing or recording.

JAmusic: How do you think songs like Take It feat. Mavado and Pon Deh Wall feat. Shaggy has changed, altered or evolved your fan base perception of what Karian is capable of?

KS: It has made a lot of Dancehall and Reggae listeners pay attention enough to become my fans and allowing my fan base to grow with me as I venture into all types of music. It also shows where I came from and I'm very proud of my heritage so I know people support me for wanting to rep my country by collaborating with Jamaican superstars.

JAmusic: And these singles are a part of a mixtape to be released soon? Could you talk a bit on that and what can be expected from said mixtape?

KS: Yes! I'm working on my new mixtape. It will be a compilation of original music and remixes. It's that crazy-sexy-cool-feel-good music which shows the many different sides of me, my hope is that everyone finds a song they love and fall in love with it enough to share it with all their friends (smiles)

JAmusic: When you decide on what you want to talk about in your song, is everything based on reality or do you do some fiction-telling also?

KS: Everything is reality. I may not be talking about myself all the time but there are definitely influences from my surroundings; the people I know, the things I feel, the drama I see, all the ups and downs of life becomes a song a never ending story sending messages to my assassins that are looking for answers I wish to grant it through music.

JAmusic: How would you describe you style vocally and melodically?

KS: Sexy and seductive yet confidently motivating.

JAmusic: A lot of persons consider music to be the perfect addiction. What is it about music that is so addictive to you?

KS: All of it! The whole technique for writing, recording, performing, the execution of a track makes me excited to hear the finish product. It is truly an addiction; i cannot fight.my hunger for it as it grows stronger each day as if I have a mission to help teach the world how to achieve balance and self-worth.

JAmusic: What can persons expect from the video with yourself and Mavado?

KS: 'Take It' is definitely a fun track so we're taking this opportunity to give Dancehall a new image; one that everyone can embrace without it being viewed as watered down or tacky dancehall music, which has been seen in many ways but never shown on this scale. Basically a high end look for Jamaica and what it's always been known and loved for…its beauty.

JAmusic: What's next for Karian Sang that is keeping fans biting their nails in anticipation?

KS: More collabs, many more performances and a single of my own to propel me to a level of stardom. My goal is to become the face a Jamaica through music by turning my fans into assassins and to share the gifts instilled in me. I will open many more doors for my people "sky is the limit"!

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