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by Tanaka Roberts

Jemere Morgan,son of Morgan Heritage's, Gramps Morgan ready to launch his own career.

It's often said that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, something we find to be true when it comes to  18  year old Jemere Morgan. The son of renowned reggae outfit Morgan Heritage's Gramps Morgan, has choosen to follow in the footsteps of his father and pursue music. In an interview with the very charismatic artiste shared his natural inclination towards his career path along with his journey thus far. It's no secret the Morgan family has for two generations significantly impacted Reggae music. Jemere sets out to strike with the third time charm..... Why did you decide to carry on the family legacy?

Jemere Morgan: Iv'e been around music all my life and the passion for the music was already in my blood so it is only right!

JAMusic: Do you feel pressured to measure up to your father's/ grandfather's accomplishment as musicians?

Jemere: Well there is a certain level i have to set my standards to , so im always striving for perfection and never wanting to step below the level my Family has set in the business. I can say the pressure is a reminder of where I should set my standards to.

JAMusic: As a third generation reggae musician what do you think you can contribute to the music industry?

Jemere: Positive Music with a Message and Music the people can relate to and Enjoy
JAMusic: Describe your sound

Jemere: When you listen to my music you will hear R&B, Reggae and Pop music all together in one and then sometimes you will hear Dancehall, Hip Hop, and R&B together so it's not just one sound you will get from Jemere!

JAMusic: Do you play any instruments?

Jemere: Yes I play a little but of the Guitar and Keyboards. im Actually in the process of learning both so give me a few years (Laugh)

JAMusic: Describe your journey so far.

Jemere: I could go on and on about my journey lol but I was a hard headed youth that didn't listen to nobody but my father. I've switched my careers so many times i don't even remember them all but at a point in my life I fell in Love with Reggae Music and started to study it then eventually started singing it! Ever since I been listening to Reggae music everyday it changed my life in a whole 720, I got more calmer, mature and gained more wisdom. My first showcase was on tour in Europe with my Uncle Peetah and Dada Gramps in 2011 where I was their opening act every night. I was extremely nervous at first but while watching my Uncle Peetah and pops perform each night I took a few notes, practiced and got better each night. The years following iv'e been back to Europe every summer as well as several Caribbean Islands doing School Tours with my father Gramps and now here I am today in 2013 still doing the same thing which we call Reggae Music!

JAMusic: Where was your very first performance, was this performance a defining moment in making your career choice? Why?

Jemere: At my Elementary School Talent show! I performed Mario's "Let Me Love You" and let me tell you,  di gyal dem gon madd!! LOL -but it was definitely a special moment of my career because that's where all my Family & Friends remember I started from.

JAMusic: What projects are you currently working on?

Jemere: Right now I'm Promoting my New Single "Neighbourhood Girl" which is off my Upcoming EP Entitled "I Am Jemere" that's releasing summer time 

JAMusic: What is your ultimate goal as a singer?

Jemere: Spread Love through Music is all i want to do! Bring smiles and happiness to people and forever you will have a fan/supporter

JAMusic: What invaluable advice have you received from your father that you've used for guidance?

Jemere: Respect and Manners will carry you through the world.

JAMusic:  What do you say to persons who doubt you and expect you to piggy back on your last name?

Jemere: I'll let the music speak for it self

JAMusic: What can people expect from Jemere for the rest of 2013?

Jemere: Get ready for my Ep I AM JEMERE more music and I'm working on a clothing line coming real soon!

JAMusicWhere can people find you?

Twitter: @iamjemere

Instagram: @iamjemere

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