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Our interview with Ieye in 2010 about how she got her break into the Reggae music scene.

Who is your inspiration?
Ans: God and Nature and the people around me.

What is your background in music?
Ans: I've always been influenced by my father who used to be a singer and I guess that's where I got my talent from. Being around him, I became interested in music. I used to sing in the church, at weddings and at other events. I also entered different competitions and from there I got discovered.

Which Jamaican musicians do you look up to?
Ans: I would say Beres Hammond because I really like his music. It is very soulful and real and in my career I want to always keep it real with my music.

Why did you choose to do that song Mama's Hands?
Ans: Well 'Grandma's Hands' was originally sung by Bill Withers and I have always been a fan of his. So when my manager approached me about doing a cover version of the song I gladly grasped the opportunity because it gives me a chance to show a more soulful side of me. It is now causing a lot of people to connect with me and my song.

Is there any Jamaican artiste and/or producers that you would like to work with?
Ans: Sure, apart from Alborosie who I've already worked with. I would love to work with Sly and Robbie because they continue to lift the banner for authentic reggae music and that is what I am about - roots reggae music. In terms of artistes I would love to work with Taurus Riley or Queen Ifrica. These people are great.

How would you describe your musical style?
Ans: I would describe it as reggae with a pop and a twist.

Do you have any other career interests outside of music?
Ans: Sure, acting. I have a great interest in acting. However, growing up I have always been counseling and giving people advice, so another career interest of mine is to be an Advisor.

How do you relax - what are your hobbies?
Ans: I am most relaxed when I'm at home kicking back and listening to music or reading a novel. In terms of hobbies though, I like to play football or go for a walk.

Are you a songwriter or do you intend to have someone or other people write songs for you?
Ans: I do write some of my own songs but I also have writers who write for me as well because I don't like to keep things all to myself, I love to share and have other people involved.

How has your experience in the JCDC Festival song competition prepared you for a career in the music/entertainment industry?
Ans: My experience in the competition was absolutely great. It helped me to become more professional and gave me a keen knowledge of the entertainment industry. It was also my performance in the competition that got me signed to Shang Records.

How is the Mama's hand music video doing on TV?
Ans: It is doing great. It has been getting a heavy rotation from the different TV stations here in Jamaica. It is also doing well internationally on the music video charts. In Italy it is number one on the Energy TV top ten chart.

Do you have any aspirations towards the international market? And if so, what do you think will help you cross over?
Ans: Yes I do. I think my voice will help me to cross over because it will definitely reach a wide variety of people, and through it people can easily connect with my music and my message will be delivered.

What do you think sets you apart from any other female artiste?
Ans: We are all female and we are all doing music, but what sets me a part is that my music is undiluted, it's raw and it has power; power to conquer the soul.

What makes you happy?
Ans: People. Some people say money makes the world go around but for me it's people and once my people are happy then I'm happy.

What is your greatest fear?
Ans: Envy is my greatest fear because when people are envious you don't know what they are capable of doing and that is cause for fear.

What do you think is the future of Jamaican music?
Ans: The future of Jamaican music is redemption, it is going to set people free and set a high standard for the world to follow.
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