Gramps Morgan promotes healthy lifestye with Pearl Health Systems Image

by Tanaka Tiki Roberts

Gramps Morgan of Morgan Heritage promotes healthy lifestyle with his new organic line, Pearl Health System.

Last month saw the celebration of breast cancer awareness, a cause Gramps Morgan is very familiar with. In 1988 Morgan regrettably lost his mother Pearl to the disease. Since then he made an oath to himself to live a healthy lifestyle as he noted "prevention is the ultimate cure".  As a Rastafarian, Morgan has lived a purely vegan lifestyle opting for natural and "Ital" choices daily. This commitment to wellness has led the singer to join forces with scientists to develop organic plant-based products. After delivering countless feel good music to fans, Gramps now unfolds Pearl Health Systems, named as homage to his mother, which features a selection of supplements to enhance and improve the human body, essentially make us 'feel good'.

 "Pearl Health Systems offers a natural way of staying healthy; eliminating free radicals from the human body through the proper balance of essential vitamins and nutrients," Morgan shared. At the moment there are eleven vitamin supplements available. He ensured that the selection offers something for everyone; man, woman and child alike, pointing out that we are never too young to make healthy choices. He did identify specialized products for example the "Iron Man" supplement which boosts sexual performance in males among other things; "Virtuous Woman" which balances the female hormones and the "In Control" formula particularly for children with ADHD as a natural alternative to high risk medications. He also spoke of the "Extended Life" supplement ideal for persons who suffer from illnesses related to imbalances such as diabetes and hypertension.

"We need to cleanse our bodies and balance our systems" said the singer. He relayed that for years the Rasta man has endorsed all things herbal and now Pearl Health System offers products that reflect a similar philosophy. Although Morgan has only launched eleven products thus far he shared that up to 2000 products are to be expected from Pearl Health System including an organic skincare line.
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