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by Dominic Bell

If you've been searching through Youtube, Facebook and other social media websites, you may have come across an artiste by the name of Eva Hype, who would have been known as by his former Wolmer's Boy's classmates as Stefan Bowes. The 18 year, who is rapidly ascending throughout the ranks of the Jamaican music industry, gave Iriezine some insight into his success.

Creative marketing has separated Eva Hype from the pack through his extensive use of the internet to promote his music. His rise to fame cannot be solely accredited to his music receiving high rotations on air nor the backing of a major record label, but to continuous promotion on various social media outlets, which has enabled his music to speak for itself and gain merit from listeners all over the world who may not have otherwise been exposed to his unique genre. 

Eva Hype describes his music as a "fusion sound of all the world's popular genres, namely hip-hop, R&B, and pop, branded with my authentic Jamaican  dancehall  sound," hence his labeling his music as Island Pop. 

A testament of the success of Eva Hype's "Island Pop" sound is the video for his single Lovers Go, which has amassed over 15,000 online views and growing. His mix-tape Music & Her has also achieved similar viral success.

On the heels of the success of Lovers Go and Music & Her, Eva Hype has released a string of singles this year such as Something About Her, and collaborations with Proppa Fade (All U Lovin) and with Jahmiel (Love We Suh). All of these singles have racked up views in the thousands and have stirred a viral frenzy with each premiere.

The musician was also featured on the official remix to Konshens and Voicemail's hit single Last Drink, which was seen as the coronation for Eva Hype's acceptance into the music industry by his contemporaries.

During the interview, Eva Hype was confidently outspoken about the current state of the music industry. On this topic Eva Hype commented that he's "very disappointed with the current state of Jamaican music." He continued to say that "he's affected by the intolerance of industry members towards evolution" and that despite his love and respect for these eras musically and their players, cries to return the dancehall sound back to the 1980s and 1990s are regressive and limit the growth of upcoming artistes.

He also pondered the reasoning for "paving the way for a new generation, only to ask them to walk back the same path" and asks for them to allow new generations to come and blaze their own paths in the industry.

Musically, Eva Hype said that listeners can look out for a video for his next single Hello Heartbeat which features Kevy B, and a slew of singles before the release of his next mix-tape.

Readers can continue to expect music of the highest quality and standard from Eva Hype as he continues his journey to be the forefront figure in Jamaica's new generation of artistes.
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