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by Biko Kennedy

Jamaica's very own Di BluePrint Band places first in The 2012 Global Battle Of The Bands in Europe.

Consisting of Alex Gallimore as bassist and vocalist, Elton Brown on guitar and vocals, synthesist and producer Vern Hill and drummer and band leader Kedron Kennedy, these students of the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts are steadily creating major ripples within the musical scene. With their most recent accomplishment of creating history at the Global Battle of the Bands World Finals in London, on Sunday, December 9, 2012, walking away with the title of 'Best new band in the World', Di Blueprint Band looks to the future with bigger and better accomplishments to achieve.

Having Jamaica being heavily laden with incredible musicians since the early 1950's, Di Blueprint Band's dedication to the earthly delights of cultural vibes mixed with positive conscious performances places them as a performing band with much deserved fascination. Jamaicansmusic.com recently caught up with band leader, Kedron Kennedy, to find out a little more on their new title.

Jamaicansmusic: Could tell us about the  competition entered and the expectations entering?

Kedron Kennedy: The Global battle of the bands is an international competition which has its base in Europe, it features bands from countries all over the world such as Cyprus, Finland, Greece, Norway, Romania, England, Belgium, Bahamas and Iceland to name a few. In total, they were over 3,000 bands that entered internationally with some countries having over 500 bands being eliminated to arrive at a countries Champion, in Jamaica we only had 16 bands. Winning this competition is a coveted title which bands all over the world target each year and Jamaica has managed to capture this title 2 years in a row with Dubtonic Kru last year, and now us… Di Blueprint.

JAmusic: Who were some of the other local bands that entered the competition and how confident was Di Blueprint band going up against them?

KK: Some of the other bands that entered the competition are Denver D and the family, Katt5 krew, Raging Fyah and Mojah Rock among other talented bands. We knew it wasn't going to be an easy win so we prepared musically for a "BATTLE". The only thing we were confident in was the music we had rehearsed and prepared but weren't confident that we would have won because ALL the bands were so great,

JAmusic: What were some of the struggle stories surrounding the band, and how did you make the best out of the situation?

KK: Some of the struggles surrounding the band include us losing two members last year. In May of 2012, Rameish Folkes, our second keyboardist died due to complications of the liver, that was a very rough moment of our lives as it was the first we were losing someone close to us, in November the lead singer left the band which was a setback being only weeks away from the world finals in London, but despite all of this we gathered our thoughts, so now the band has two lead singers being Alex (bassist) and Elton (guitarist). We rehearsed a lot and that caused us to be more confident in everything we do. Our motivation came from our fans that kept supporting us and encouraging us to "TAKE IT HOME" and that we did.

JAmusic: How did you prepare mentally for the competition?

KK: Mentally we prepared ourselves by being focused and having a bond with each other, we do a lot of things together other than just playing music when its time to perform, we pray, cook, study and even argue together and this aided in the chemistry that's between us as brothers.

JAmusic: What are some of the projects being worked on currently by the band?

KK: Some of the upcoming projects that are currently been undertaken by the band include: Our very first album, a few music videos, a few upcoming collaborations with the first being with the beautiful Denyque, our Summer tour, recording in Asia in December of this year and lots more major deals which are not confirmed as yet but soon to be announced to everyone can be on the lookout!"

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