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by Tanaka Tiki Roberts caught up with artiste on the rise, Ruth Ann. With two awards, Best Reggae Recording and Best Female Reggae Recording under her belt and being the first Reggae act to perform at the prestigious Mansion at Strathmore in Maryland, Ruth-Ann has already made strides in establishing her name. The sultry song bird shared a bit about herself and her budding career

Background Profile:

Full name: Ruth-Ann Brown

Nationality: Jamaican

Hometown: I have two. I was born in Chesterfield, Westmoreland but grew up in Anchovy, St. James.

Complete the sentence: If I wasn't pursuing music, I would be: teaching English

Musical Background

Jamaicansmusic: How long have you been an artiste?

Ruth-Ann: I have been an artiste for most of my life as I discovered my talents as a child.

JAmusic: When did you first know you wanted to pursue music?

Ruth: After making my first demo and getting positive reviews, I knew I wanted to continue making music and share it with the world. This was in 2005.

JAMusic: Describe your sound.

Ruth: My sound can be described as smooth, soothing, and calming. I tend to stick to slower and groovy rhythms.

JAMusic: Which artistes do you believe influence your music most?

Ruth: Although I listen to and like many artistes from various genres, I believe Dennis Brown, Sade and The Cranberries have heavily influenced me.

JAMusic: Where was your very first live performance? What effect did your first performance have on you?

Ruth: My very first live performance was at a Valentine's Day concert in Mandeville, Jamaica back in 2006 where I opened for veteran singer Freddie McGregor. It made me believe that I had a shot at becoming known and loved as a Reggae singer. The crowd enjoyed my performance and that gave me encouragement to move forward.

Current Work

JAMusic: Are you currently working on any projects?

Ruth: I am working on my debut album which should be ready very soon. I'm also working on a song for The Honeydew Riddim produced by Andrew Khool and Ric Zheron. This project features various well-known and respected Jamaican artistes and I'm extremely excited about contributing a song to it.

JAMusic: Who have you been working with so far (producers/ artistes)?

Ruth: I have been working exclusively with producer Rhoan 'Ric Zheron' Bromfield of Bran-Nu Entertainment. As for artistes, I have not collaborated with any one yet.

JAMusic: What has your experience been like as a new female artiste?

Ruth: I have been blessed as an uprising female artiste. I work with an amazing producer and manager and have the support of an effective team. Even though there are struggles, I have received love and support from fans all over the world. I am able to perform songs that I have written to both small and large crowds. Through social networking I am able to interact with my fans and listen to their feedback. Also, The Washington DC community in which I have been residing for a few years, has recognized my work by awarding me for Best Female Reggae Recording and Best Reggae Recording in the 2012 Annual Washington DC Reggae Awards, both for my EP 'RUTH".  I have also been nominated for Best Female Performer in the 2013 awards. Even outside of the diaspora, my music has been appreciated. I was handpicked to sing the American national anthem at a basketball game in Virginia not too long ago and I had various licensing deals including with Air France, an African and an Austrian airline.

JAMusic: What can we expect from Ruth-Ann Brown for 2013?

Ruth: For 2013, I will be spreading my wings and bringing my music to different parts of the world, literally, so expect growth and continuity.

Final comments

JAMusic: Any new year's resolution?

Ruth: I don't make them.

JAMusic: What do you ultimately hope to achieve as a musician?

Ruth: I hope to become a household name and leave a mark on the Reggae genre and music in general. I want to be known for positive and feel-good music that people of all ages and from all backgrounds can enjoy.

JAMusic: Anything you'd like to add?

Ruth: Big up Tanaka Roberts and the team at for the interview and thanks to all the readers for sharing their time. I'd like all the readers to check out my new music video for my single 'Any Day Now' on YouTube at, leave a comment and subscribe. Like my Facebook page at and follow me on Twitter @ruthabrownmusic. Also visit and like Bran-Nu Entertainment at and follow on Twitter @brannuent. Make sure to tell a friend to tell a friend. Help give positive Reggae music more life!

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