What Island Girls Have… Image

by Mallory Douglas

It was always fascinating to watch my vivacious Caribbean sistren move their elastic-like waistline to the pulsating beat of the music playing in the club.

Standing on the edge of the dance floor sipping on my Gin and tonic, my body couldn't resist the urge of trying to imitate them – but not dramatic and entertaining enough for a circle to be formed around me. I've tried, but have never been able to perfect the sensual motion that causes a crowed to go in frenzy.

Caribbean women sweat sex appeal. We American women do too, but it's more farfetched especially when we're competing with versatile island sistren. Here in the US, it is difficult to be sexy woman without being branded a hoe. Some critics believe music has gone a more sexual route and taken a driver seat to pure talent, because of recent lewdness and uncensored musical content. Yet, some defend it by saying "this is what we want." For me, I prefer an energy-filled dancehall show where the crowd enthusiasm is unbridled and at the end of the night everyone leaves satisfied!

The truth is: Our generation is more vulgar and expressive when it comes to sex, whether in music, movies or just everyday life. Not to mention, young ladies today know how to flaunt their assets. When a woman is getting down and enjoying herself on the dance floor, it is impossible not to admire her shape even if you're a female.

With influence from big names female artiste such as Lady Saw, who recently released a new album, many of us in the music industry begins to wonder if the newcomers will also take a more sexual route or if they will keep it strictly dance oriented. What do you think?

Let me hear your opinions. Who is the hottest female artiste out right now? Which artiste can't the guys keep their eyes off? Hit me up so I can arrange and up-and-coming interview with the hottest female artiste. And by the way, I still would like to learn how to move my waistline like my island sistren, so hit me up with any suggestions. I will post the video when I do… this should be interesting!
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